Hi All, It's been a while...

In these interesting times i'm still managing to remain busy-ish. One or two cancellations/rearrangments etc, but we all need to stay safe, eh!

Always planning new things - A robot style face painting, 2 model shoot. Lifestyle outdoor family and dog shoot (harder to arrange than you might think!). An ongoing series for the more mature ladies in homestyle lifestyle scenarios'. Two plus size, body positive, 4 model street sheer and studio lingerie shoots (now on hold!!!). A milk bath (my first time!). If we are allowed out again in time, another Wheat field shoot before it gets too cold. A multi model (m & f) fitness/workout shoot etc etc...

Time is always my enemy. I have the ideas but fitting them into an already busy schedule and keeping costs down is a challenge!

I've had some great shoots recently with a variety of models and locations, always welcome your suggestions/ideas too.

Unless, or until we are all in lockdown, you keep posing and I'll keep shooting.

Take care

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